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Application / Access to Website

This is Curanza - already a member of the guild in WoW, just looking to be able to access the website so I can sign up for raids and the like.Note: I was Miranza/Therese in Ars Brute Squad on Bleeding Hollow.
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Guild Application

Your Age: 32Main Character : Outlaw Rogue - Frotterpop-moonrunnerClass and Level : 892 Outlaw RogueArmory Link (if wanting to Raid): Time Zone : Mountain TimeWhat are you looki...
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Just getting back after 7 years (WotLK ICC)

Hey all, I am 27 and just getting back into WoW after a seven-year academic hiatus that began after heroic ICC. My old guild looks to have been disbanded, and so I would really like a chill-but-serious adult guild to help me figure out all the...
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Guild Application

Your Age: 29Main Character : SilwythClass and Level : Monk / 100Armory Link (if wanting to Raid):Your Time Zone : ESTWhat are you looking for in a guild?Mostly interested in a chatty connected group of people to keep me engaged with the game. I've...
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Looking for a dungeon and raid group!

Your Age: 42Main Character : StumpknightClass and Level : Blood DK 838 Armory Link (if wanting to Raid): Time Zone :CentralWhat are you looking for in a guild? Good atmosphere a...
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Applying to Ars Discordia

First off, read the "About Us" post!If you're interested in joining AD:Please copy the following message, and Start a new thread within this forum, with your Main character name in the title:---- Begin Copy Here ----Your Age:Main Character :Clas...
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About Ars Discordia

We are seeking additional participants for raids weekday evenings beginning at 6pm Server (which is pacific). Raids will last no longer than 2.5 hours at a time, and likely be 2 days a week. (Tues/Wed right now)About us: We are among the oldest g...
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