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Age:19Main Character: Epicnoname (yeah it seems like a kid named it, but I was that kid)Class/Lvl: Frost Death Knight lvl 120Armory: Zone: US EasternWhat I am looking for in a g...
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Guild application

Hello I'm an active BM hunter on doomhammer and looking for an active guild that raids. I enjoy helping guildies out and donate any gems people would need for gem slots. I left my old guild because it died off they dont raid or chat anymore so its...
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General Discussion

Guild M+'s During Daytime

Hey folks, I'm hitting a wall pugging stuff as a healer and would love more guildies to do some midrange 5+ mythics with during the day. I'm usually on between 830-10 am est, and then again from 215-430 in the afternoon. I know it's super specific...
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Hi there, I saw on WOW Progress that you guys are open to new members. I have played WOW since the beginning, and am at a point where I wanna keep raiding and doing 5 mans but not hard core. I am older and looking to enjoy the game without the str...
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General Discussion

Ars Discordia group.

Our new group is all set up. Here's the link, feel free to share it with whomever:
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Application (Warning: Long)

Your Age: 29Main Character : Stoic (Doomhammer)Class and Level : Warrior (DPS) 110Armory Link (if wanting to Raid): (this was an alt this last tier, I mained Guardian/Feral Druid in ABT)...
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Your Age: 39Main Character : VelfangClass and Level : Warrior 110Armory Link (if wanting to Raid): Time Zone : estWhat are you looking for in a guild? I'm looking for a friendly gu...
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Your Age: 41Main Character : CildiwenaClass and Level : Disc Priest 110Armory Link (if wanting to Raid): Time Zone : PacificWhat are you looking for in a guild? I'm looking to ge...
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Your Age: 33Main Character : SlintsacusClass and Level : Warrior 110Armory Link (if wanting to Raid): Time Zone : ESTWhat are you looking for in a guild? I am looking to get bac...
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Application / Access to Website

This is Curanza - already a member of the guild in WoW, just looking to be able to access the website so I can sign up for raids and the like.Note: I was Miranza/Therese in Ars Brute Squad on Bleeding Hollow.
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Guild Application

Your Age: 32Main Character : Outlaw Rogue - Frotterpop-moonrunnerClass and Level : 892 Outlaw RogueArmory Link (if wanting to Raid): Time Zone : Mountain TimeWhat are you looki...
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Just getting back after 7 years (WotLK ICC)

Hey all, I am 27 and just getting back into WoW after a seven-year academic hiatus that began after heroic ICC. My old guild looks to have been disbanded, and so I would really like a chill-but-serious adult guild to help me figure out all the...
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Guild Application

Your Age: 29Main Character : SilwythClass and Level : Monk / 100Armory Link (if wanting to Raid):Your Time Zone : ESTWhat are you looking for in a guild?Mostly interested in a chatty connected group of people to keep me engaged with the game. I've...
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General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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Looking for a dungeon and raid group!

Your Age: 42Main Character : StumpknightClass and Level : Blood DK 838 Armory Link (if wanting to Raid): Time Zone :CentralWhat are you looking for in a guild? Good atmosphere a...
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General Discussion

Legion Prep

House Uandin and Clairawynn is ready for Legion. (and a potential hurricane later this week)
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Too good not to share - charge up that flashlight Phancee
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General Discussion

My holy paladin

I was just going to wait until launch to bother guild leadership with this, but my main is a holy paladin named Ricare and I wanted to move him into the guild and give Rivian "nub-alt" status asap. Who is the best person to contact in game for this?
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General Discussion

New Curse Client Guild tab....

I was bored playing around with the new curse client this morning and saw i could add guild so i did... the invite link if you want to join or what not lawl
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General Discussion

Warcraft movie

Anyone else see it yet?I liked it overall, although very disappointed with the lack droos =/
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