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#13495021 Oct 23, 2017 at 12:38 PM
Michael Ponce
Your Age: 33
Main Character : Slintsacus
Class and Level : Warrior 110
Armory Link (if wanting to Raid):

Your Time Zone : EST

What are you looking for in a guild? I am looking to get back into Raiding but at a casual pace. I used to be hardcore back in the Burning Crusade/WOTLK/Cataclysm days

Why do you want to join Ars Discordia? Looks like a well established and active guild.

Previous Guild + Reason for leaving: I started playing again with a few friends but they were in a dead guild. Hopefully if you accept me they would like to come over and fill out any raids if needed, also provide community and chat lol

Interested In Raiding? (Y/N) Yes
If Yes:
What raiding style do you prefer? I don't have the time to be hardcore anymore with kids and what not, yet I still wait to do real raids and not LFR. I study and do my part. I have some experience leading and co leading raids. I have always been a Main-Tank or Off Tank and can heal with my priest (She isn't leveled yet)
Describe your raiding experience

Who is your favorite deceased WoW Hero? I love Arthas as a character, I've read all the books that feature him.

What else do we need to know about you in order to make our decision? I'm a good guy and like to have fun. I don't bring drama or any nonsense and nor do I feed into it.
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