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#14206689 Sep 09, 2019 at 03:45 PM
Your Age: 42

Main Character : Cerissa
Class and Level : Priest 120
Armory Link (if wanting to Raid): I don't seem to have one (went looking too)
Your Time Zone : MST

What are you looking for in a guild? friendly, mature, casual, no pressure, did I mention friendly...I like to chat while in game. not crickets :)

Why do you want to join Ars Discordia? seems like you all may be the right fit for me, you don't have a lot of requirements and are laid back. I can't always raid, but love to group and what not to have fun and progress a little. I have been playing off and on since open beta.

Previous Guild + Reason for leaving: can't even remember the name I came back from a month hiatus because life happened and was no longer in a guild.

Interested In Raiding? (Y/N) Y
If Yes:
What raiding style do you prefer? casual
Describe your raiding experience no bad experiences I try to do my homework on raids and fights, I take tips and such as well.

Who is your favorite deceased WoW Hero? King Varyian

What else do we need to know about you in order to make our decision? I am a health care worker so I work on rotation and work dayshift (7-3) sometimes I am tired and not able to log in every single day. I am also a grandma to one feisty almost 3 year old and soon to be another little man come December. :-)
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#14207891 Sep 11, 2019 at 10:23 PM
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Thanks for your interest in us!

sorry for the delay, we're not great about checking this website these days!
we'd like to invite you on a trial basis if you're still interested.
We might not be perfectly what you're looking for, as we're not super active at this point in the expansion (especially with Classic recently released), but we typically have a few people on, of various levels of socalness, especially in the afternoons or evenings.

find an officer (/who ars discordia, then ask one of them for an officer) and we can get you an invite!


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#14209240 Sep 14, 2019 at 09:24 AM
thanks will do :)
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