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Praze / Jan 28, 2016
About us: We are among the oldest guilds on Doomhammer, having been around since the Beta. We've made significant raiding progress in every WoW expansion, and most raid tiers. Our average age for raiders is somewhere over 30.

We raid in a relaxed style, with Flex, we hope to enable "coming and going" as needed to enhance participation. We will start with Normal mode, and move to Heroic should things go well. We have no ambition to attack Mythic at this point in time. We are adults, we have jobs, wow is our diversion from an ever demanding real life.

We have an active social side as well, leveling alts, running dungeons and PUGs. A fair share of our members choose not to participate in the organized raids. Some of us have known each other for years, others are fresh new "faces" in the guild.