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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Aug 13, 2018)
For The Alliance!!! #DNFWAD
(Aug 09, 2018)
(Nov 28, 2016)
Update the front page, we have beaten heroic!
(Oct 17, 2016)
This guild rocks!
(Sep 26, 2016)
Send them to me, I'll post them...
(Sep 21, 2016)
wtf where are last nights kills!!1
(Aug 31, 2016)
/me shouts into this box.
(Aug 29, 2016)
I'll push it more for raid planning after we start levelling
(Aug 28, 2016)
More guild members need to make use of this new site. that is if they even know about it atm.
(Jul 18, 2016)
Legion pre-patch drops 7/19... Legion drops 8/30. Are you prepared?
(Feb 24, 2016)
Archi (H) dead! DNFWAD!
(Feb 08, 2016)
Looks good! I don,t know if it,s only me, but I have to scroll down quite a bit before I see something.
(Feb 03, 2016)
4th, if you count Basement (sony) who tested the site for me.
(Feb 02, 2016)
3rd druid! Nice website
(Feb 02, 2016)
(Feb 02, 2016)
looking good, gusy! =)
(Jan 28, 2016)
New Site! How's it look?
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